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Self Assessment:

Try the following self-assessment questions. When you have decided on your answer, mouse over the answer button to check:

For each of the following features, say whether it applies to a Regression?

  • Nonparametric test.

  • Numbers plugged into the formula for the statistic are frequencies.

  • Test to assess a relationshi.p

  • The F statistic calculated for the regression has two different degrees of freedom associated with it.

  • Reject the null hypothesis if the calculated statistic is less than or equal to the critical value of the statistic looked up in a table.

  • Reject the null hypothesis if P on the SPSS printout is less than 0.05.

  • If the null hypothesis is rejected, the regression can be used for prediction.

  • The coefficient of determination, R2, describes how much variability in the dependant variable is explained by the regression.